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Personnel Commission

About the Personnel Commission
The Calexico Unified School District classified employees have operated under the Merit System since 1988. The Merit System is a system of rules and procedures similar to civil service. Its fundamental purpose is to ensure employees are selected, promoted, and retained without favoritism or prejudice on the basis of merit and fitness.
Jose A. Guillen
Chairperson, CSEA Appointee
Term Expires: December
Nancy Castillo
Vice Chairperson,Board Appointee
Term Expires: December 2020
Stephen Wong
Member,Joint Appointee
Term Expires: December 2019
The Personnel Commission plays a crucial role in the recruitment, selection and retention of the District’s non-teaching staff. The Commissioners typically meet once a month.
The Personnel Commission’s purpose is multifaceted. In accordance with the provisions of the Education Code, the Commission establishes and amends Personnel Commission rules that are binding on the District as a whole;
1.      To cooperate with the governing board and administrators in the quest for competent employees and good personnel administration;
2.      To represent the interests of the general public by proving a personnel system dedicated to hiring and keeping good workers in the service of the jurisdiction, and;
3.      To see that classified employees receive fair and equitable treatment. 
This three-way division of responsibilities sometimes places commissioners in the position of being mediators between the conflicting interests of employees, management, and the general public.  They must make decisions which are fair and which contribute to the overall goal of a personnel program based on merit.
The Director of Classified Personnel serves as the Secretary to the Commission. The Director and Personnel Commission staff  are responsible for the preparation of Commission agendas and follow-up to all actions taken by the Commission.